Online Templates in Word 2013

In Microsoft Office 2013 there is a new feature called Online Template. We have decent official templates for Letters, Resumes, Faxes, Labels, Cards and Calendars. There is a facility in Microsoft Office 2013 with which if we want to we can search for online templates. Use of it however requires our system to be connected to the internet. We have business letters, invitations, certificates for sports and wedding invitations as well.

Have a look at the following steps to open the templates:

  1. Open the Microsoft Office 2013:


  2. Select any template given below; if we do not want to select any template then click on blank document:

  3. Click the File menu:


  4. Select the New menu option from the left hand side and then select the template you want:


  5. To select the template, just double-click on the template or if you just want to see the preview then single-click on that template.

    • If we want to preview the selected template then it would look like this:
    • To create the selected template just select the create button in it.
  6. The document would look like this:

  7. If we want to then we can search for any template online.
  8. To do this just write the template name in the given textbox named search online templates.

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