PDF Reading and Editing in Word 2013

Now in Microsoft Word 2013 it is the facility to open the PDF file in Microsoft Word 2013 and we can edit it in Word 2013. If we wan we can insert images, list, tables etc and for this we do not need to rely on external sources. It is also possible to edit, resize, adding, deleting and highlighting the information in it.

Let's have a look at the following steps:

  1. Go to Microsoft Word 2013.
  2. Now Select the Blank Document Template from the available templates.

  3. Now open any PDF file from your system and to do this we will use the following steps:

    • Select the "File" menu option.

    • pdf1.jpg

    • Now select the "Open" menu option from it.

    • pdf2.jpg

    • Now select "Computer" from the "Places" as in:

    • pdf3.jpg

    • Now select the "Browse" button as shown below:

    • pdf32.jpg

    • Now select the location of your PDF file and click the "Open" button.


  4. Our PDF File will be opened like this:

  5. We will see that the PDF File has been opened in protected mode; that protects it from being infected by a virus.

  6. Now if we want to edit this PDF file just click on the Enable Editing button as shown below.

  7. When you will click on this button it will be removed from the protected view and now we can freely edit it.

  8. To edit it just click on the View tab and select the Edit Document option from it.

  9. Now the PDF file will be opened in the edit mode like this:

  10. You can write something on it or add an image in it and can save or export it again as a PDF file.