Power View in Excel 2013

Power View is a new Excel feature introduced in Excel 2013. This feature is used to effectively summarize the data of our Excel sheet. We can filter the data in it to summarize the selected data according to our requirements. It offers us the Power View fields with which we can select fields to show in our report. We can show the count, sum of the specified field in the view as well as we can add the theme, background color, pictures etc.

Let's have a look at the following steps:

Step 1

Go to Excel 2013.

Step 2

Select the blank workbook template from the available templates.


Step 3

Now write some data on the sheet of which we want to show the Power View.


Step 4

Now select the insert menu option.


Step 5

Now select the Power View option like this.


Step 6

An "Insert Power View" Dialog box will appear and select the "Create a Power View sheet" option and select the "OK" button.


Step 7

A Power View will appear like this:


Step 8

Now if we want to show the sum of the purchase fields then just select the purchase field under the FIELDS option like this:


Step 9

Now select the sum option from the DropDownlist as shown below:


Step 10

Now if we want to show the total sales then just select the sales field under the FIELDS option like this:


Step 11

Now select the Sum option from the DropDownlist like this:


Step 12

The sum of purchase and sales fields will be generated like this:


Step 13

We can give the title to the Power View by clicking on the title like this:


Step 14

Now if we want to give the background to the Power View then we can click on the Background option like this:


Step 15

Finally, the Power View will appear like this: