What's New in Review Tab in Word 2013

We are pleased to learn the new features introduced in Word 2013; they include the Define option in the Review Menu option. This option defines the definitions of words and phrases and it does that using the Word Apps like the English Dictionary such as the Merriam-Webster Dictionary but before defining the words we need to install the dictionary by signing into a valid Windows Live Id and then a dictionary will automatically be added by the Office store.

Let's have a look using the following steps:

  1. Go to Microsoft Word 2013.
  2. Select the Blank Document template from the available templates.

  3. Now write some sentences in the document and select the one you want to learn the meaning of.

  4. Now to see the meaning of that particular word just select the Review tab.

  5. And from it select the Define option.

  6. For the first time in the right hand side bar it will show the sign in button.

  7. We have to sign in with an id of a valid username and password in order to install the dictionary from the Office Store.


  8. As soon as we sign in, a dictionary will be installed and it will show the appropriate meaning of the particular word we selected.

  9. When we deselect the word the meaning of it in the right hand side bar will be disappear.

  10. And now we can close the right hand sidebar by clicking the Close button as shown below: