Working With Read Mode in Word 2013

A new feature has been included in Word 2013; it is Read Mode. This feature is one of the most exciting features in Word 2013.  When we open our Word 2013 document in read mode we will see that our Word 2013 document changes into an interactive digital magazine. In Read mode we will see the document in the form of columns and we can also change the width of those columns. If we want we can change the layout of our Word document in the form of pages in Read Mode. In Read Mode notice that less UI is shown which will be less distracting from the UI for users.

Let's have a look at the following steps.

  1. Go to Microsoft Word 2013.
  2. Now open Blank Document template:

  3. Now create a document, as in:

  4. Now click on the following icon of Read Mode as shown below:

  5. The window will appear like this in Read mode and we will notice here by default our document is shown using a columns layout, as in:

  6. If we want, we can change the width of the column by clicking the view menu option:

  7. Now select the column width menu option from it and we will see that three options are shown; they are Narrow, Default and Wide from which we can select any option to set the column width according to our requirement.

  8. Now there is also the facility to change the color of the document in Read Mode according to our requirement and to do this just select the Page Color menu option from the View menu.

  9. In this option we will see that there are three options .i.e. None, Sepia and Inverse. We can select any one option from this to set the color of our document in Read Mode according to our requirement.

  10.  If our Document contains any comment then we can see it in Read Mode as well and to do this just select the Show Comments menu option from the View menu option.

  11. The comments will be shown like this:

  12. We will see that in the read mode arrows are shown in the left hand side as well as the right hand side if our document is large; then to easily navigate to another page in the document just click on the left or right arrow as shown below to navigate left or right respectively.

  13. If we want to go to a particular page in the read mode without having to go sequentially we need to select the Navigation pane option from the View menu option.

  14. We will see that in the left pane that three options are available in which we will select the PAGES option.

  15. We will see that page reviews of our document are shown from which we can select anyone we want to navigate directly to read it.

  16. Last but not the least if we want to edit the document then we can select the Edit Document option from the view menu option.

  17. Our document will be shown in Edit mode like this:


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