Working With Resume Reading in Word 2013

There is the builtin facility in Word 2013 that inserts automatic bookmarks. The bookmark is used to specify the last visited spot of our document. When we create/edit our document then leave it then open it again then we will see the bookmark symbol in the bottom bar and it will show all the information including when we created this document and where we left off in the document.

Let's have a look at the following steps:

  1. Go to Microsoft Word 2013.
  2. Now open Blank Document template.

  3. Now open your document that you made previously and to open your document just use the following steps:

    • Select the File menu option:

    • book1.jpg

    • Now select the open menu option from it:

    • book2.jpg

    • And select the name of the file to open:

    • book3.jpg
  4. Now just see the bookmark symbol:

  5. When you will hold the mouse over it, it will show the information of the document like this:

  6. And when you will click on this bookmark symbol you will be navigated to the last visited location in your document:


    In the previous versions of Microsoft Word we must insert the bookmark utility to recognize the last visited spot in the document but in this latest version of Microsoft Word we can easily recognize the last visited location by just using the above steps. Really this is the most important feature of Microsoft Word 2013.

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