Tips For A Telephonic Interview

Many times I have seen people asking suggestions about telephonic interview. How to face telephonic interview? What questions they are asking and all? So as per my experience & understanding I am sharing some points about telephonic interview. Please once go through the following. This may help you all.

  1. Telephonic round means just a screening round. Companies arrange telephonic round either for remote location or to avoid headache of heavy crowd.

  2. As per my experience & understanding just treat telephonic interview like face to face interview only.

  3. Always choose an area where your mobile network is good.

  4. Try to sit in a room where no unwanted disturbances present.

  5. Before scheduled time sit on a chair & keep your mobile & ear phone / head phone with you.

  6. Please always care about one thing don't speak more unless they tell. Always try to keep your answers short & effective.

  7. Always try to speak clear and louder but not fast.

  8. Commonly telephonic interview duration is 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

  9. They are checking your confidence level. So be confident but not over confident. If you know answer of any question then say yes, otherwise no. It is not possible for every person to know all the things & answer to all the questions. If you don't know then it's ok, but if you don't know what you don't know that is a bad thing.

  10. Mostly telephonic interviews are organized by lead level but in some cases managerial level also. So don't try to move them here and there. They are understanding what you are doing.

  11. Always show positive attitude. I meant to say that if they are asking about any technology & you don't have much experience in the technology, you only having basic knowledge, then let them know that you are having an understanding & if any opportunity comes then you can start the work with learning.

  12. After the interview scheduled just once go through the job description or company requirements. If you are having an experience on all mentioned technologies then it's ok, otherwise at least try to get the basic idea about those technologies.

  13. Apart from these things prepare all the basic things about your skills whatever you mentioned in your resume. Don't write any wrong information & skills which you don't know or haven't worked till now.

  14. Finally, always remember one thing that we should try to give our best. We shouldn't get upset / depressed because many times it also depends upon the mood of the person who sat on the opposite side to listen us.

  15. Always try to improve yourself. If you are having some good qualities, then definitely some excellent opportunity and company is waiting for you.

I think many of you already know about these things. But this will help you to get more organized yourself before telephonic interview.

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