Integrate Google Analytics in ASP.Net Website

First of all login to your Gmail Account.

Then click on this Link: Google Analytics.

You will see the following screen.

Google Analytics

Now click on “Access Google Analytics” and you will get the following screen.

Access Google Analytics

Now click on the “Sign up” button. You will get the following screen.

Sign up

In the above screen, it is asking the following things.

  • Account Name: You can give any name here.

  • Website Name: Give your Website Name.

  • Website URL:

  • Industry Category: Select your industry.

  • Reporting Time Zone: I selected India here. You can select your preferred time zone.

Your website hits will be calculated based on your Selected Time Zone.

The country or territory and the timezone are set as the day boundary for your reports, regardless of where the data originates. For example, if you choose United States, Pacific Time, then the beginning and end of each day is calculated based on Pacific Time, even if the hit comes from New York, London, or Moscow.

Fill in all the details and click on the “Get Tracking Id button“ at the bottom. It will request that you accept the “Google Analytics Terms of Services”; just click on “I Accept”. You will get the tracking code.

See the following image.

your account name

Now open your project and copy the above script into your website's home page.

That's it, everything is done.

Now you will get your website information under the “Reporting” tab.

Just click on the Reporting tab and you will get the following report.

audience overview

If you observe the above image you can select a range of dates either by hour, day or month. You can get your Website Report here.

Email tab

Here we can schedule the Email of Audience Overview.

To schedule an email just click on the “Email” Tab.

  • To: If you want to send to more than one person, just write their mail id separated by a Comma (,).

  • Subject: Whatever you want.

  • Attachment: Various formats are available, select the relevant format.

  • Frequency: Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

Click on the “Send” Button.

That's it, everything done. From now on you will receive mail from Google Analytics Everyday (here I selected Daily Frequency).

selected Daily Frequency

Export Tab: Here you can export the data in various formats. I selected 2nd Nov 14 – 2nd Dec 14 and clicked on Export.

Export Tab