Add New Group in the Active Directory Administrative Center


This article explains about how to add a new group in the Active Directory Administrative Center.

Step 1

First of all open the Administrative Tools form the Start Menu.

manage domains1.jpg

In the Administrative Tools a list of installed items will be available, here an option will be available named Active Directory Administrative Center, double-click on it to open it.

manage domains2.jpg

Step 2

Now the Active Directory Administrative Center Wizard will open, this will look like the Server Manager.

manage domains3.jpg

Here on the left hand side in the AD DC Pane Domains will be available, click on the domain in which you want to add a group.

add user1.jpg

Step 3

On the right hand side in the Task pane first click on new and then select the group.

add group1.jpg

Now Create Group Wizard will open where you need to provide the details of the new group.

add group2.jpg

Step 4

Provide the details for the account of the new user group, you will see that, as you provide the initial details of this new group, it will start showing the Group Name in the heading section of this wizard. I provided the name of this group as "Trainee"

add group3.jpg

Also provide the person or Group Name that will manage this group, for that you can click on the "Edit" button and then can select from the available groups and users.

Step 5

You can also provide the Group Name of which this group should be a member of and also provide the name of the members.

add group4.jpg

Similarly provide the other details required for this new group.