Creating Session Based Desktop Through Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2012: Part 2


In this article you will learn about creating a Session Based Desktop through Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2012.

My previous article is the first part of this article in which you learned How to Deploy a Session based Desktop through Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2012.

Now we will continue from that article. After deploying the session based Desktop you must use the following procedure to create a session based Desktop.

Step 1

Now on the left hand side of the Server Manger you will see an option named "Remote Desktop Services", click on it to see all of it's installed features.


Now this type of window will be opened.


Step 2

Here you can see that two + sign options are given that are in the color green, click on the first one named "RD Gateway."


Now the RD Server Gateway page is opened. On the first page you must select the server from the Server Pool. Here you must click on this button desk01.jpg, because sometimes it may happen that you will not be able to see the server, so this button may help in that situation.


Step 3

Now on the next page you must provide the "SSL Certificate" in which you must provide the Computer Name and Domain Name like I have provided here:


Now a Confirmation Page will be opened that will show you the RD Gateway and the RD Gateway External FQDN. If both of these options are similar to each other then everything is fine, otherwise problems will occur in further steps. Here click on the "ADD" Button.


Now your installation will begin.


Step 4

Now after the installation is completed, on the Server Manager you will see that only one option is available in the green color; RD Licensing.


Click on this option to open the RD Licensing Servers. On the first page you need to select the server from the Server Pool. Here click on this button desk01.jpg if no server is available to you.


Step 5

Now a confirmation page will be opened that will show you the selected Server. On this page click on the "Add" Button.


Now the installation process will begin.


Step 6

Now open your Internet Explorer and in the URL write the Computer Name and the Domain Name of the System to be opened in this manner: "". And after that click on "Continue to this Website".


Now your Session Based Remote Desktop will be opened. Here you must provide the UserName and Password that you use to open this Remote Desktop.


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