How to Assign IP Automatically and Manually to Client Machine


In today's article you will learn how to assign an IP automatically and manually to a client machine.

Step 1

First of all open "Network and sharing Center" by clicking on the "Net Connection" Icon shown at the Task Bar.


Now your Control Panel window will be opened. Here in this window you will find an option for "Change Adapter Settings" that is on the extreme left hand side of the window. Click on this option.


Step 2

Now your "Local Area Connection" will be opened.


Right-click on this connection and click on "Properties".


Step 3

Now the Property window for Local Area Connections will be opened. Here first you must select the "Internet Protocol Version 4" and then click on it's "Properties."


Step 4

The Properties window of Internet Protocol Version 4 is the area where we will provide the IP Address either Automatically or Manually. For getting the IP Address Automatically click on the "Obtain IP Address Automatically and Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically" and then click on the "OK" Button.


But remember one thing; You can only provide the Automatic IP Address only if your Organization has a DHCP Server otherwise the Automatic option will not work.

Step 5

In the previous step we obtain the IP Address Automatically but now we will provide the IP Address Manually. For this click on "Use the following IP Address and  Use the following DNS Server Address".


Now provide the IP Address, Default Gateway, Preferred DNS Server and Alternate DNS Server. The Subnet Mask will automatically appear after providing the IP Address.


After providing the previously specified things click on the "Ok" button.

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