How to Change the Report Locations Through Windows Interface


This article is about how to change the Report Locations using the Windows Interface.

Step 1

First of all open the Server Manager of your Windows Server 2012.

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Now on the right an option will be available named "Tools", open it and click on the "File Server Resource Manager".

Note: Ensure that you have already installed the File Server Resource Manager, otherwise this option will not be available under the Tools Menu.

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Step 2

Now you will see that File Server Resource Manager is opened, that will look something like this:

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Now under the Action Pane an option will be available named "Configure Options...", click on this and open it.

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Step 3

Now the File Server Resource Manager dialog box will be opened where by default the E-Mail Notification Page will be selected.

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Here click on the Report Locations Tab, on this page there you will be asked to provide the Report Locations.

Report Locations are provided for three types of reports:

1. Incident Report: This type of Report is generated when the user tries to exceed the Quota or tries to save an unauthorized file. As it's name suggests it is not generated on a regular basis, it is only generated when a specified event has occurred.

2. Scheduled Report: This type of report is generated periodically based on the scheduled Report Task. This type of report is generated on a regular basis.

3. On Demand Report: It can happen that you may want to generate reports on demand to analyze various aspects of current Disk Usage. This type of report is generated manually when it's demanded.

Here you need to click on the Browse button to define the location for storage of these reports.

report location2.jpg

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