How to Configure the Settings For the Scan Server


In today's article you will learn how to configure the settings for the Scan Server.

Step 1

First of all open the Administrative Tools from the Start Menu.

scan 1.jpg

Now your Admin Tools will be opened, on this page you will have an option named "Scan Management". Double click on this option to open it.

scan 2.jpg

Step 2

Now your Scan Management Window will be opened, here on the right hand side under the Action Pane an option would available be named "Configure Scan Manager", click on this option to open it.

scan 3.jpg

 Now in the Scan Server Configuration Wizard you need to specify the Service account under which the Scan Server will run.

scan 4.jpg

After providing the Service account click on the "Next" button.

Step 3

After that you need to specify the Temporary Folder's Path where the Scanned Document will be stored.

scan 5.jpg

On the next page you need to specify the E-mail Server Name, if you don't remember the E-mail Server Name then you can click on "Select" button and then add this server from the available servers.

scan 6.jpg

Step 4

On the next page you need to provide the SSL Certificate for SSL Encryption, you can either provide the existing one or can create a New Certificate.

scan 7.jpg

At the end you can specify the Security Settings, in other words you can specify whether Authentication will be required or not.

scan 8.jpg

After successfully providing all the requested requirements click on the "Finish" button.

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