How to Create Domain in Windows Server 2012.


In today's article you will learn how to create a domain in Windows Server 2012.

Step 1

First of all login to your Windows Server 2012 and open the Server Manager. In the Server Manager click on "Add Roles and Features".


Step 2

Now some important information will be given, you can read it and then click on the "Next" button.


After clicking on Next, The Installation type page will be opened that will ask you to select one of the options. Select the first option i.e. "Role Based on Feature based Installation" and then click on "Next".


Step 3

Now you must select a Server from the Server Pool. Since I have only one server, my default server is automatically selected. After selecting the server click on "Next".


Now a list will be displayed in front of you from which you must select "Active Directory Domain Services".


Step 4

Now there will be certain features to be selected. You can select any of them or can just click on "Next" if you simply want to move on.


After that one more page will be opened showing you some points to remember.


Step 5

Now you must provide permission to the Server to get restarted if required.


After that click on Install and the installation will begin.


Step 6

Since the installation completes but doesn't close it, instead click on "Promote this Server to Domain Controller".


This will take you to the Configuration Wizard. In the Configuration Wizard select the first option i.e. "Add a New Forest" and provide the Root Name (I provided then click on "Next".


Step 7

After that the Domain Controller option page will be opened in which you need to select the Forest Functional Level and Domain Functional Level. You can select these from a list of available options. Here I had selected Windows Server 2008 in both of them. You must also provide the password so that in case a problem occurrs you can recover from it.


Now the DNS Options Page will be opened, on this page you just need to click "Next".


Step 8

On the Next page an automatic NetBios name will be provided, you do not need to provide any new name, just click on the "Next" button.


Now various paths for various files will be provided, here also just click on "Next".


Step 9

Now you will reach the Installation page, here click on the "Install" button to begin the installation.


After the installation is completed your server will restart on it's own and it will take a long time to restart so just wait for the procedure to complete.

Step 10

Now you can check whether your Domain is correctly installed and working or not. For this go to the settings of your server, there you will find an option "Server info," click on this option.


As you click on this option you will see that in the Domain option is provided; this means that your Domain is correctly installed and working.


Step 11

On your Desktop create a New Shortcut and in the location type "dsa.msc" and click on "Next".


This will show you the name for this shortcut, click on "Finish" button to complete the process.



On your Desktop a new golden colored icon will be created.


Open this icon and you will see the Domain residing there.



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