How to Enable Remote Desktop in Windows


In this article you will learn how to enable Remote Desktop in Windows.

Step 1

First of all open the "Start Menu" in the Windows, there you will find the option named "Computer". Right-click on it to open the properties of the Computer.


Now the "Control Panel Window" for the system will be opened. Here on the left hand side you will see that four options are available in which one them is named "Remote Settings."


Click on it.

Step 2

Now the System Properties Window will be opened, where the last option is for the "Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop" named "Remote". Click on "Remote".


Now here in the Remote Desktop, three options are available from which the first option is "ByDefault Checked" and the second option will allow the Connection on any version of Remote Desktop. The third option will be used to authenticate users that can access the Remote Desktop, but that user should also know the User Name and Password for this Remote Desktop otherwise he will not be able to access it.

Select the third option and click on the Select Users.


Step 3

 Now you must add the user that can access this Remote Desktop Service. For this click on the "Add" Button.


Now on the next page you will be allowed to select any particular user or the group. Here you must click on the "Advanced" button.


Step 4

Now a new window will be opened; here you must click on the "Find Now" button.


After clicking the Find Now Button, the list of the users and groups will be opened at the bottom of this window from which you can select the user or the group.


As you select the user, the user's details will be shown. Click on "Ok" button to confirm the permission.


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