How to Increase the Virtual Memory of Your System Manually


In today's article you will learn how to increase the Virtual Memory of your system manually.

Our system often gives a message that our system's drive is running out of space and we should delete some data to continue our work. We can increase the memory of our system's drive manually by doing the few things described in this article.

Step 1

First go to the "Control Panel" of your system. If you are using Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8 then go to the lower left hand corner and right-click to go to the Control Panel.

virtual 1.jpg

Now with your Control Panel opened, go to the "System and security" option.

virtual 2.jpg

Step 2

Under the System you will see an option named as "System". Click on it to open it.

virtual 3.jpg

Now you needto go to the System's Properties; for that you must first click on the "Advanced System Settings" that is present on the left hand side of the Control Panel.

virtual 4.jpg

Step 3

Now the System Property Window will be opened, here you need to click on the "Advanced Tab". Under the Advanced Tab three options will be available. one for Performance, the second for the User profile and the third for the Startup and Recovery. You need to go to the first option, in other words "Performance" for that click on the "Settings" button under it.

virtual 5.jpg

After clicking on the Settings Button, the Performance Option Window would be opened. Here you need to click on the Advanced Tab. Under the Advanced Tab you will see an option named as "Virtual Memory". In the Virtual Memory you need to click on the "Change" Button to provide more space for your Drives.

virtual 6.jpg

Step 4

Now a page will be opened named Virtual Memory. Here an option will be available named "Automatically Manage Paging file size for all drivers" that would be checked by default, you need to uncheck this option.

virtual 7.jpg

Now you will be allowed to make changes in the size of a particular drive. For that you need to first select the drive in which changes are to be made and then you need to provide the Initial and Maximum size for the Drive chosen.

virtual 8.jpg

First I made changes in the D Drive and now I am making changes in the E Drive.

virtual 9.jpg

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