How to Install and Configure IIS 8 on Windows Server 2012


In today's article you will learn how to install and configure IIS8 (Internet Information Services 8) on Windows Server 2012.

Step 1

First of all Login to your Windows Server 2012 as Administrator by entering your password. As you logged on your Server Manager will open automatically, if it doesn't open then open it by clicking on the first button in the task bar.


As you open the Server Manager this window will be opened:


Step 2

Now click on the Manage Button to Add Roles and Features.


Or simply click on the Add Roles and Features given on the Front Page.


Step 3

Now some important information would be given, you can read it and then click on the "Next" Button.


After clicking on Next, the Installation type page is opened asking you to select one of the options. Select the first option i.e. Role Based or Feature Based Installation and then click on "Next".


Step 4

Now you must select a Server from the Server Pool, as I have only one Server so my default Server is automatically selected. After selecting the Server click on "Next".


Now a list will be displayed in front of you from which you must select the Web Server (IIS).


Step 5

Now you must select the features that you want to install on the selected Server for e.g. .NET Framework 4.5 or 3.5. Select the Modules depending on your requirements then click on "Add Features" and then click "Next".


Now a confirmation page will be opened in which you must give permission to the server to restart if required.


Step 6

Now click on the "Install" button and your installation will begin. It will take five to ten minutes depending on the processing power of your server.


After installation is complete close this.

Step 7

Now go back to the Server Manager Window, on the left hand side you will find IIS in the side menu, click on that.


As you click on IIS button, on the right hand side you will find some services are opened scroll down to the Services there you will find IIS in the running state.


Step 8

Now go to the Tools option and click on "IIS Manager".


On the left hand side click on the drop down menu under the "Start Page" option.


After that click on the drop down menu of sites, there you will find a default Web Site, click on that.


Step 9

After that on the right side under the "Actions" click on "Browse Website".


As you click you will see that the Browser Default Web Page is opened.


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