How to Set Caching Options For a Shared Drive/Folder by Using Windows Interface


In my previous article you learned How to Share a Drive/Folder by using Windows Interface.

In this article you will learn how to set Caching Options for a shared drive/folder using a Windows Interface.

Step 1

First of all open "Computer Management" from the Start Menu of your system.

share drive 1.jpg

Now your Computer Management window will be opened that will look like this:

share drive 2.jpg

Step 2

On the Left hand side among the Computer Management you will see that many options are available; one of them will be named Shared Folders, expand this option.

caching 1.jpg

On expanding the Shared Folders, three options will be available named Shares, Session, Open File. Among these options you need to open the "Shares" Folder that will show you the list of drives and folders that are already shared. You will see that it's also showing the drive that we shared in our previous article.

caching 2.jpg

Step 3

Now right-click on the drive or folder on which Caching is to be done and click on it's Properties.

caching 3.jpg

Now under the "General" Tab some Information about this folder or drive will be available such as it's name, it's path etcetera. One more option is available on this page named "Offline Settings", click on this option and open it.

caching 4.jpg

Step 4

On clicking the Offline Settings option the Offline Settings page will be opened, here the first option is checked by default; that means that no files and folders are available offline and the user can control the specified folder only when he is not connected to the Network. One more option is available under this first option, in other words "Enable Branch Cache". If you select this file also then it will enable the computer available at the Branch Office to cache the files that are downloaded from the Shared Folder and then it will serve these cached files to the other computers of the Branch Office.

caching 5.jpg

Step 5

If you select the second option, in other words "No File or Program's From the Shared Folder are Available Offline" then it will block the offline files of the client computer from copying the files and programs on the Shared Folder.

caching 6.jpg

But if you select the third option, in other words "All Files and Program are available Offline" then whenever a user accesses the shared folder or drive and opens a file in it then the file will be automatically available offline.

caching 7.jpg

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