Installing the Active Directory Federation Services in Windows Server 2012


This article explains how to install the Active Directory Federation Services in Windows Server 2012.

Step 1

First of all login to your Windows Server 2012 by using your Admin Credentials.

Now in Windows Server 2012 on the Desktop you will find an option named "Server Manager", click on it to open it.

server update1.jpg

Now in the Server Manager an option will be available named "Add or remove Features"; click on this option.

server update12.jpg

Step 2

Now the Add Roles and Features Wizard will open, here first some information about the Server Manager will be provided, so simply click on the Next Button and move forward.

server update3.jpg

Now the wizard will ask you whether you want to add a "Roll Based" or "Desktop Based" Feature. So here click on the Role Based and then click on the "Next" button.

server update4.jpg

Step 3

On the next page you need to select a server form the Server Pool. Since I have only one server, it's selected by default.

server update5.jpg

Now the Server Roles list will be available, here check the option for the "Active Directory Federation Services" and then click on the "Next" Button.

AD FS1.jpg

Step 4

On the next page many other features will be available, you can select them to install them along with AD LDS.

AD FS2.jpg

The next page will provide you some information about the AD FS, you can read it and after that click on the next button.

AD FS3.jpg

Step 5

In the Roll Service page, two options will be available, select the services that you want to install with the AD FS and after that click on the "Next" button.

AD FS4.jpg

The last page is the confirmation page, here if you click on the "Install" button then the installation process will begin.

AD FS5.jpg

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