Make Changes in Logging Features of FTP Site


In this article you will learn how to configure FTP Logging Features for a FTP Site.

To configure the Logging Features you need to use the following procedure.

Step 1

First of all open your Administrative Tools from the Start Menu.

ftp default 1.jpg

Now your Administrator Tools will be opened, among these tools you will find an option named IIS Manager, double-click on this option to open it.

ftp default 2.jpg

Step 2

On the left hand side you will see a pane named Connection pane, in this Connection pane your Server Name would be provided; single-click on this Server Name to open it.

ftp default 3.jpg

Now in the FTP Features View an option will be available named FTP Logging, double-click on this option to open it.

ftp logging 1.jpg

Step 3

Now the FTP Logging Page will be opened that will look like this:

ftp logging 2.jpg

Now we will first select where we want to create the log file whether on a site or on the server, you can select one of these by clicking on the Drop Down Button.

ftp logging 3.jpg

Step 4

Now under the Log File click on the Select W3C Fields Button to select the information you want log. You can select the features from the available list that will be available after clicking on the Select W3c Fields.

ftp logging 4.jpg

After selecting the information to log you need to provide the path for this Log File, you can either provide the path by writing the folder's name or can click on the Browse Button to specify the path.

ftp logging 5.jpg

You can specify the coding, either ANSI Coding or UTF8 Coding.

ftp logging 6.jpg

Step 5

Under the Log File Rollover you can specify after how many days that the Log File should be created. For that click on the Drop Down Button and select one of the options from all the available options.

ftp logging 7.jpg

Now you need to specify the size in bytes that the Log File should be.

ftp logging 8.jpg

Step 6

It might happen that you don't want to create any type of log file. If so then you can simply click on the last option, in other words don't create the new Log Files.

ftp logging 9.jpg

After making the changes go to the Action pane, click on the Apply Button so that the changes will be applied.

ftp logging 10.jpg


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