Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Browser

In this article we will learn the functionality of Microsoft Edge App in Windows 10.

Microsoft to overcome the problems of Internet Explorer Browser added a new app in Windows 10 called Microsoft Edge. It is too fast and for just in time browsing. In this app we will learn the keys tools of Microsoft Edge app and this app is more free from firmware and harmful issues. To understand the functionality of Microsoft Edge browser just do some steps.

Open Microsoft Edge App

To open new Microsoft App just go down Windows left corner and click on the Start Menu button or you can also press the Windows key from keyboard to open Start Menu as in the following screenshot.

Step 1:

 start button

Step 2:


home page

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After doing the above steps a new Edge browser is opened with home page. Now type any web site URL or any keyword which we want to surf, for example, we opened wikipedia main page as  in the following screenshot,

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Make a Web Note :

Now we will use the new Make a web Note feature of Edge browser. Click on the Make a Web Note icon to Switched-ON new tool bar as in the following screenshot,


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After clicking on the Make a Web Note new Plum colored bar is Switched-ON as in the following screenshot,

type note

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Clip Tool :

Clip tool work as snipping tool of Windows to takes a snap-shot of Windows screen by free hand. Similarly the Clip Tool is used to take any size clip form web page. To take any clip just look at the screenshot,

copy tool

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selection area

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After selection clip area, open Paint or MsWord application and paste the clipping image into paint as in the following screenshot,


Pen Tool

Using pen tool we hide some important information as in the following screenshot,

pen tool

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Highlighter Tool :

We also use the Highlighter tool to mark some important information like some words and sentences. To do this, just follow the screenshot.


Image Source


We also use share tool for sharing all the web notes to social networking websites. Here are the screenshots,


Image Source

share gmail

Private Browsing

The main function of Private Browsing is to secure your web login accounts. In private browsing we are using our private web pages, for example, we use net banking. In this case we will first login our account then go for net banking, but in some case let's say we forget to logout our bank account from the website. So this is bad for our account money and may prove fatal. This is because maybe a new user hacks your account using browser cookies files. But in private this is not possible because all the cookies are auto deleted when you closed Edge Browser. For example, to do private browsing just follow the below given screenshot.

Step 1:

private browsing

Step 2:

private home page

Step 3:

c sharpe corner

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Step 4:

closed browser

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Step 5:

delete cookies

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Summary: The main motivation of this article is to use the new features and privacy of Microsoft Edge App. I hope you liked this article same as my previous articles.