Picture Password On Login Screen In Windows 10


In the previous Windows versions like “Windows XP” and "Windows 7”, we used to lock user account using the password as in the following screenshot,
Windows xp login screen
Image Source.
Image Source.
In both the login screens we input passwords in “Characters”, “Numeric” and “Special Symbols”. For example, “SONU1235”, “@@@432##”, etc. But I want to put picture password on login screen not using this kind of previous techniques. To solve this problem we will use the special functionality of “windows 8” and “windows 10”. Just follow some easy steps.
Step 1
Firstly, press the windows button and type “User Accounts” in search. After that press “Enter”, on pressing Enter a new window will open called “User Accounts” as in the following screenshot,
User Accounts
After doing this step we can see in the "User Accounts" window, a number of optional links can be seen. Click on the "Makes changes to my account in the PC setting" link. Now you can see a new window will open called "Settings" window.
Step 2
Next, click the right side menu "Sign-in option". After clicking you can see just like the following screenshot.
After opening this window we can see the "picture password" option. Click on the "Add" button and after pressing the "Add" button a new window "Picture Password" will open.
Picture Password
Step 3
Now we will enter the user login account password. If your windows operating system account is already protected by a password then first you must enter the login password. But if you are a new user and did not create a login window password, then directly work on this functionality. So, in this case, my windows operating system is protected already, so we will first enter the password in the login window to set the "picture password". After entering the right password press "Enter Key" and "picture password" window activates form as in the following screenshot.
Picture Password 2
After doing this step click on "Choose Button" and select a particular picture to be used as a "Password Picture" like "DEMO" named picture.
Step 4
In step 4 after picture selection, we can draw "gestures". But remember be careful while drawing lock "gestures". You must maintain the order of gestures in sequence form, otherwise, if you don't use the picture password it would mean that you won't be able to login user account successfully. Follow the below given three-click points.
In these three screenshots, you can see the "1st click event" fire on the "1st headlight" of the car, "2nd click" on the logo of the car at center position and final click on the "2nd headlight" on the car. After doing this once again repeat these steps for confirmation of the picture password and click the "Finish" button.
Step 5
After clicking on "Finish" button previous window activates and password is set successfully on this picture.
Now press "Windows key + L" to go to the login screen as in the following screenshot.
login screen
Step 6
After Step 5 we can try to logon windows account and we will repeat the points in Step 4 like "1st click" on the "1st headlight" of car, "2nd click" on the logo of the car at center position and finally click on the "2nd headlight" on the car. Whenever these three click events are in sequence form & same as created at password confirmation time, then the login is "Successful", otherwise you can retry or draw the right "gestures". Here's the screenshot.


In this article, you will learn how to set the "picture locker" on the login window using the "Windows 8" and "Windows 10" operating system. Thanks for reading this article.

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