Universal MusicDownloader App In Windows 10


Microsoft introduced a new App for Windows 10 Operating System called Universal MusicDownloader. By using this app we can download any type of music, which we like. The main functionality of this app is to overcome the problem of surfing different websites like Gana.com, Bollywood Music, etc.
In this app, we are directly accessing data from server without surfing different websites. Universal MusicDownloader app is created based on clients' requirements, to download music from anywhere. To understand the functionality of this app we will follow some important points.
Before using the Universal MusicDownloader app, we will first download this app from Microsoft Store and then perform the following steps:

Start with Universal Music Downloader App

To open the Universal MusicDownloader app here are the screenshots,
Step 1
start menu
Step 2
All apps
Step 3
Step 4
U applications
Step 5
Universal Music Downloader

Start Universal MusicDownloader App

After going for the above steps, now start this app and you can see welcome screen having multiple tab menus, such as Search, Music Player, Music Charts and Pending Downloads, etc. To understand the functionality we will go through some steps. Here are the screenshots,
start page

Welcome Window

Home page

Music Charts

In the Music Charts tab menu, we will choose different music charts, such as iTunes Charts, Amazon Charts, Spotify Charts, etc. After choosing any chart further we will select another chart, such as Jazz Charts, Latin Charts, Hip Hop & Rap Charts, etc. To do this task here are the screenshots,

Music Charts Menu

Music Chart

Charts Permission Process

Chart warm 

Chart Selection Process

select chart

Music Categories Process

a select jazz music

Albums Selection Process

music selection

Song Selection Process

Song Selection

Song Playing Process

play button
After playing a song we can also download it. Just press the Download button as in the following screenshot,
Download button
To look at your downloads list we will click on Pending Downloads as in the following screenshot,
Pending Download list
We have no idea about the by default file saving location and we don't know where all the files are saved and which directory is used. To find out downloads location, first right-click on that window and auto-open optional menu. Here's the screenshot,
Option menu

File Location

Location pop-up

File Explorer Process

File Explorer

Documents Folder


Music Folder

Music Folder

Universal MusicDownloader Folder

Universal folder

Downloaded Files Folder

Download folder

Downloaded Songs Location

Downloaded tracks


This feature just works like a Google Search engine to find out all mp3 songs with suggested keywords. In this search button, we will directly type any song name to find out then press enter. This feature is friendly to search for a particular song with good bitrate and high quality. Here's the screenshot.

Run Search Engine

Lut jaaon song

Song Selection Process

Lut selection

Playing and Downloading Process

Play song

Music Player

Universal MusicDownloader app also provides Music player to play all the downloaded songs from the music directory. Just follow the screenshots to do this.
music track player

Player info

Playing track info


The main motivation of this article is to learn how you will use the Universal MusicDownloader app for music downloads. I hope you liked this article.

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