Windows Feedback App In Windows 10


Microsoft added a new feature in Windows 10 for Windows users to send new suggestions ideas and feedback regarding any topic on Windows 10 Operating System. In Windows 10 operating system, some user requires new functionality and also want some changes in Windows apps and applications. The Windows Feedback app name feature is used to solve user issues and fulfill user requirements.
The main motive of the Windows Feedback app is that any Windows 10 user after using Windows 10 experience sends some suggestions on apps and applications to create more powerful and good apps. To understand the working of the Windows Feedback app we have to follow some steps and features.
Step 1
Firstly, open the Windows Feedback app, Press Windows key button form keyboard and then click All apps. Here are the screenshots,
start menu
A menu
w menu
After doing the above steps we can see the home window of Windows Feedback app as in the following screenshot, 
In this home window, we can see a number of Windows options like Action Center, Add Desktop, Add Charms, etc.
Step 2
In this step, we will send any suggestion to Microsoft Windows 10 supports. Here's the screenshot,
Desktop Option
Snap Options
New Feedback
Takes Snapshot
Post Feedback
Thanks msg
Step 3
Windows Feedback allows Windows users to Upvote the already existing suggestion. In this scheme we Upvote when your suggestion is the same as a posted suggestion to Uprate this. To Upvote here's the screenshot,
Add a desktop
Thanks msg.
After doing these steps your suggestion is auto-update with previous Suggestion.


In this article, the main task was to use Windows Feedback apps to resolve Windows User issues and give your updated suggestion to Microsoft. I hope you liked and learned from this article like my previous ones.

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