XML News Feeds from Harrison Logic in VB.NET

Thanks for your interest in the XML News Feeds.  This application provides a compilation of news headlines from many sources, using the MoreOver.com's XML service.  It is built on the .NET framework and uses VB.NET as the ASP.NET server side language.  The pages we built using Visual Studio .NET.


  • These files require a Web Server with the Microsoft .NET framework installed to function.
  • To retrieve the XML news feeds, a connection to the internet from the application is necessary.

Installation Instructions

  • Unzip the files and import them in a web, or create a new web with these files.
  • Build the application from Visual Studio or compile using the .NET compilier.
  • They should work as is.
  • You can customize the look with the Style tags or simply copy past the code into your own web forms.
  • Browse to the news.aspx page to start the application.

Use Cases

  • News Browser: Comes to the News.aspx page and is presented with the Top Stories headlines.  Using the left navigation, they can browse many topics divided into several Sections.
  • System: The system will make a call to MoreOver.com's web site to get the XML news feed.  Before each call, a check will be made to see if the headlines have been Cached.  Caching occurs for each topic, and expires after a set time period, 10 minutes default.

Adding Categories

To add your own categories, you will need to seek out the category name from MoreOver.com's web site, then add them to the Drop-Down list values.  They can be found here:


File Descriptions

  • News.aspx: Displays the news and Nvaigation.
  • MoreOverNews.aspx:
  • News.aspx.vb: Holds the Server-side processing and events fired from the Navigation drop-down boxes.
  • MoreOverNews.vb: Holds the functionality to make the MoreOver.com requests and format the headlines