Components For Disaster Recovery of SharePoint 2013 Farm

Reducing downtime and data loss are important elements of any Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy.  A complete inventory of each component of your SharePoint 2013 farm environment is required before creating a DR Plan for the same. This inventory should include the following:

  • The physical components: for example, servers, database, storage details and the network details
    The inventory for physical architecture should include for any development, testing, staging, QA, and production SharePoint 2013 farms. Although these other SharePoint farms will not be a part of your SharePoint DR plan, you may need to utilize individual components of the physical architecture of any of these environments should you experience a failure in any of the physical components of your production SharePoint 2013 farm if there is a High Availability requirement.

  • The logical components: for example, details of web applications, service accounts, service applications, apps and IIS settings

  • Customizations installed in the SharePoint 2013 farm
    The inventory for custom solutions/features, purchased solutions and any integration pieces. Customizations for even minor details need to be captured.

Attached is the Excel sheet that you can use as a template to gather details of these components.