Customize Typing Settings in Windows 10


Windows 10 provides the ability to reduce typing errors. Doing typing work on Windows 10 is easier in terms of errors. Windows 10 provides options (Autocorrect misspelled words, Highlight misspelled words) and using these options you can fetch the spelling errors from your write-up and sometimes it also corrects itself.
This article shows how to customize typing settings in Windows 10.
Windows 10 has many features and typing is one of them. Typing provides you the following two options. 
  1. Autocorrect misspelled words.
  2. Highlight misspelled words.
Before going to the procedure, let us clarify what these two features hold for us.

Autocorrect misspelled words

After you turn on this feature, the wrong words will be corrected automatically if the spelling matches something in the dictionary.

Highlight misspelled words

This feature underlines the words that are spelled incorrectly. Of course, it will only work when you turn it on. Both the options have a slider, you can turn it on or off as needed.
These are the procedures to customize typing settings in Windows 10.

How to Customize Typing Settings in Windows 10?

Step 1
Click on the Home button and go to Settings.
image 1 
Figure 1
Step 2
After clicking on Settings a new window will open. Select the Devices category.
Figure 2
Step 3
In the Devices category, there are many options in your left sidebar.
image 3 
Figure 3
Click Typing. Typing in the left bar of options under DEVICES.
Step 4
Look at the right area of typing that has two options, the first is Autocorrect misspelled words and another is Highlight misspelled words.
image 4 
Figure 4
To turn it on the move the slider left to right. When you turn it on the wrong words will automatically be corrected and underline the words that are spelled incorrectly.
If you want to turn it off, move the slider right to left.
Figure 5


This article showed how to customize typing settings in Windows 10.

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