Microsoft Exchange 2013 and SharePoint 2013 - Site Mailbox

We had the issue of getting many emails. So I thought of using a Site Mailbox in SharePoint Online. The purpose of a Site mailbox is it is the central place to get and send emails. This could be enabled for SharePoint Owners group and this provides a big relief for personal mailboxes. Adding a mailbox to your site can help by providing a central place to file email and documents that can only be accessed and edited by those with the appropriate site permissions.

Note: SiteMailbox is a Microsoft Exchange 2013 feature that helps collaborate between an Exchange email and SharePoint documents using Microsoft Outlook 2013.

Set up the “Site Mailbox”

Option 1

  • You can add Site Mailbox from “Getting started” under the gear icon.

    Site Mailbox

  • After clicking “Getting Started” the following screen will be displayed and please select “Keep email in context”.

    Getting Started

  • Now the site mailbox app is installed.

    Keep email in context

  • Usually it will take 30-60 minutes for the app to be completely installed.

    site mailbox app is getting installed

Option 2
  • You can add a Site Mailbox from “Add an app” under the gear icon.

    site mailbox app

  • And now the app is being installed.

    Add an App

  • As mentioned in the preceding “Option1”, the same screenshot is attached for reference,


Post the addition of “Site Mailbox”, setting up the mailbox

After you have added the Site Mailbox app to your site, the next step is to set up the site mailbox itself. You only need to do this step once.
  1. On the Quick Launch, click the new Mailbox.

  2. When the site mailbox is created, click Mailbox on the Quick Launch again, and then, on the Exchange Admin Center page, choose your language and timezone.

  3. Click Save to finish setting up your site mailbox.