Menu Link in Layout Sample in MVC - Day 8


Step 1: Create a MVC project from the "Empty" template.

Right-click on "Controllers" and select "Add" >> "Controller...".

Step 2: Select "MVC 5 Controller - Empty" to add an empty controller.

Click on the "Add" button.

Step 3: Name the controller as in the following:

Step 4: Now we need to create a view.

Right-click on "Index" and select "Add View..".

Step 5: Name the view and select "Empty (without model)" as the template.

Click on the "Add" button.

Step 6: Add one more action method, AboutUs, in the "HomeController".

Step 7: Right-click on "AboutUs" and select "Add View...".

Step 8: Name the view and select "Empty (without model)" as the template.

Click on the "Add" button.

So far we have created two views, Index and AboutUs. Now let's create a layout for these views.

Step 9: Right-click on "Views" and select "Add" >> "New Folder"

Step 10: Name the folder as "Shared", this will create a "Shared" folder under the view.

Step 11: Right-click on the "Shared" folder and select "Add" >> "View…".

Step 12: Name the view as "_Layout" and select "Empty (without model)" as the template.

Step 13: Design your desired layout in _Layout.cshtml.

Here we use the Html.ActionLink helper to set the link on the layout page. The first parameter is the link text, the second one is the action name and the third one is the controller name. Html.ActionLink does not link to a view but it creates a link to an action.

Step 14: Set the link for the index and aboutus as follows:

Step 15: Set "_Layout.cshtml" as the layout in both the views, in other words index and about us.

Step 16:
Run the project, click on the "AboutUs" link and the "AboutUs" view is rendered.

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