C# Corner Delhi Student's Day 20 December, 2014: Official Recap

C# Corner via its Students chapters has taken the initiative to bring the real-life corporate experience and latest technologies awareness to the college students. During these chapters, either students come to the C# Corner office in NOIDA to learn or the C# Corner educators team goes to the campuses.

This time the event was held on Saturday 20 December, 2014. Thank you for all the students and speakers for attending.

More than 100 students were present at the C# Corner Noida office.

Dinesh Beniwal started with a presentation of a C# Corner Introduction.

Followed by Rahul Saxena who started with a presentation on Big Data.

Then Ruchir Saxena gave a presentation on real-life corporate experience.

The next session was focused on Cloud Computing by Ankur Mishra that gave students valuable information and facts about Cloud Computing.


Then it was the Prize distribution to students and speakers.

Thank you to all the students and speakers who were present at the C# Corner Delhi Students Day and making the event a grand success.

Stay tuned for the next chapter event.

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