C# Corner Delhi Student's Day in IMS, Noida 17 November, 2014: Official Recap

C# Corner via its Student's chapters has taken the initiative to bring the real-life corporate experience to the college campuses. During these chapters, either students come to C# Corner office in NOIDA to learn or the C# Corner educators team goes to the campuses.

The C# Corner's Student chapter continues to strive in spite of the college's examination period for the students of IMS, Noida. The event was held on Monday 17 November, 2014. Thank you for all for coming out during this time. We would also like thank Mr. Nitin Pandit, for coming out with us to the college campus.
Nitin Pandit started with a presentation on Corporate Culture and the paradigm shift for students from a college life to a corporate life. He talked about various topics such as structural dimension, communication, support system, behavioral traits, etiquette and manners and accountability and responsibility.

After that, in his second session, Nitin talked about the basics of the C# Programming language.

The students were very energetic and engaged throughout the session. Also, Yawar Jalees has been specially awarded for his participation in most of the Student's and Developer's Day's held in C# Corner Noida office.

Stay tuned for the next chapter event.