C# Corner Delhi Student's Day in Microsoft, Gurgaon 6 December, 2014: Official Recap

C# Corner via its Students chapters has taken the initiative to bring the real-life corporate experience to the college campuses. During these chapters, either students come to the C# Corner office in NOIDA to learn or the C# Corner educators team goes to the campuses.

This time Microsoft India was generous enough to provide their space for conducting a C# Corner Students day.

The event was held on Saturday 6 December, 2014. Thank you for all the students and speakers for attending.

More than 100 attendees were present at the Microsoft Campus Gurgaon for C# Corner Delhi Students Day.

Ruhani Arora (Technical Evangelist @Microsoft) started with a presentation on the Microsoft community, future innovations and Cloud Computing.

Followed by Sumit Jolly who explained many exciting Microsoft Azure features.

The next session was focused on LINQ by Nitin Pandit that gave students valuable information and facts about LINQ.

The last session was by Gaurav Kumar Arora who explored ASP.Net MVC. The students learned many new basic things in his session.

Thank you to all the students and speakers who were present at the C# Corner Delhi Students Day and making the event a grand success.

Stay tuned for the next chapter event.

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