Create an App With Salesforce

In this project we will learn how to build an app on the Salesforce platform step-by-step. Here's the major points involved in building this app.

Creating the App

Step 1

Log into your developer Edition (Org).

Step 2

Click the Setup Link (upper-right corner).


Step 3

In the Left Navigation, select Build, then click Create and select Apps to add a New Button.

Custom APP

Step 4

New Custom App, then select Custom App and click Next.

new custom app

Step 5

After Next, define the fields for the custom app.

  • App Label: Search Service.
  • App Name: Search_Service.
  • Description: Search Service is one app where we manage all the business data and catalogues.

add image in image gallery

Step 6

Choose the Image Source for the Custom App Logo.

Note: Before inserting an image for the logo you need to use the following procedure to add an image to the image gallery.

Click ALL Tabs, then Documents:

all tab

On the Document section create one folder to maintain images for this app. Here I have created the folder name.


Click the create new folder section as in the following:

  • Document Folder Label: SearchService Image
  • Folder Unique Name: SearchService_Image
  • Public Folder Access: Read/Write

new document folder

After clicking on the save button, it will be created. Now you can add your image here:

add your image

Click the New Document Button to add a new image. I have created my logo image and just added this image to the folder created as in the following:

  • Document Name: Search Service App Logo.
  • Document Unique Name: Search_Service_App_Logo.
  • Indicate Document is Internal: Unchecked.
  • Externally Available Image: Checked.
  • Folder: SearchService Image.
  • Description: Logo for search service app.
  • Keywords: Logo for search service app.
  • Select the File: Searchservice.gif.
  • Click the "Save" button.


the image size should be 20K or smaller for the logo.

After clicking Save, the following will appear:

Click the image appear check

It's great you have successfully added the logo. Now you just insert the Logo into your app.

Step 7

Select the image from the searchservice Image folder, here the logo appears. Now select that logo.

Image Folder


Step 8

Click Next tehn Next.

Step 9

Assign to Profiles.

Provide permission to the profile like System Administrator.


Click the Save button. Now the app is created successfully. Use the dropdown button, to select the service app name. Click on that app.

Create the APP Successfully


In the next article I will share with you how to create a Tab, Model, Layout and Visual Force Page over the same app.