Create a New Website on Microsoft Azure

This article will help you to create your first website on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure provides you one of the easiest ways to create your website within minutes and get it hosted instantly.

One of the most important things to create a website on Azure is to have an Azure account. Microsoft provides a free trial account for one month to explore the features of Azure. Use the following procedure to create your first website.

1. First create your account on Microsoft Azure. After you create your account, go to "" and login into your account. After you login successfully, you will see the home screen that has many options in it.

Microsoft Azure option

2. Click on "Website" and you will see there are no websites created. So let's create a website. Click on "Create a Web Site".

Create a Web Site

3. After you click on "Create a Website", you will get a menu where you will have three choices to create your website . These are :
  • Quick Create: It allows you to just specify a URL for your website and tasks like deployment are done later.
  • Custom Create: It allows you to create your website with options like creating a new database or deploying from source controls
  • From Gallery: It allows you to create a website using existing templates from other sites.

choices to create your website 

4. We will choose the third option to create our website. We will use an existing template and use it in our website. When you click on "From Gallery", you will get a list of options from where you can choose a site depending on the type of site you are creating like a blog site or e commerce site.

site depending

5. From the given list you can choose the options that suits your website theme. I chose Blogs and selected Word Press as my template. Click on next (the arrow at the bottom-right corner).

Word Press

6. Specify the URL of your website. I gave it the mywebsite2014. You can also select the region where you want to host the website depending on the maximum user count that your website will get from that region. Click on the arrow for next.

URL of your website

7. This screen will provide you the information regarding the name of the database created and the region where the site will be hosted. Click on the Terms and Conditions check box and click on complete (the right tick mark at the bottom-right corner).

name of the database created

8. You will see a screen that will provide you information that your site is being created.

site information

9. After some time, the site will be deployed and the status will change to running.

deployed and the status

10. Click on the browse button that you see in the bottom and it will take you to your newly created website. Since I chose Word Press, it asks me for some information regarding the web site.
choose the Word Press web site

11. After you fill in the information and click on "install Word Press" a login screen will be shown and you need to enter the login details that you have provided above.

login screen

12. After you Login, you will see the Home screen of your web site. Congratulations! You have successfully created your first website using Azure.

website using Azure

If you have any query then please feel free to contact me. I hope this article was useful to you. 

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