How to Disable the Open File Security Warning in Windows 8


When you open an .exe file, you may encounter a warning like:
  • Do you want to open this File?
  • The Publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?
  • Do you want to run this file?
before downloading or opening any executable file.This is called "Open file security Warning". This is raised because of Attachment Execution Services (AES). Every program which uses the ShellExecute() API, must pass through AES. So, to disable Open File Security you have to follow some steps.
Step 1
Open Internet Explorer from the desktop by clicking the icon.
Step 2
Click the gear button to get internet option.
Step 3
A new popup window is opened and from there Click on the Internet Option for internet zone to modify or view the security settings.
Step 4
Then Click on Custom level.
Step 5
A new window will pop up with title Security settings– Internet zone. Search for Launching applications and unsafe files (not secure) . Since it is set to Disable. That is why unsecured applications and files are not opened in Windows 8.
Step 6
A warning message will be displayed when you click 'OK' to confirm that this security settings is harmful for OS, as any file will be executed without checking the signature. Click OK, if you are sure.
Step 7
Click ok until returned to the browser. Ignore a popup message.


In this article, we learned about How to Disable the Open File Security Warning in Windows 8.

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