How to Lock Your Keyboard in Windows 8 to Prevent Keystrokes


By pressing several keys on the keyboard sometimes the operating system can be corrupted or sensitive information can be damaged. To prevent this problem, users lock their keyboards so that the information and the entire operating system can become invincible. If you want to lock your keyboard in Windows 8, you need to Download and Install Toddler Keys, which is a freeware tool and is easily available on the internet, and once this is installed you need to follow certain steps.
Step 1
Login to Windows 8 computer on which you want to Lock your Keyboard.
Step 2
From the given option available on the applications Click on Desktop.
Step 3
Download and install Toddler Keys.
Step 4
Once downloaded and installed, right-click on its icon available at the bottom right corner of the computer screen.
Step 5
From the available context menu click on Lock Keyboard.
Step 6
To unlock your keyboard repeat steps 3 and 4. (These steps work as a toggle to lock and unlock the keyboard).


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