Creating a Twitter Bird in Expression Blend 4

Steps for creating a Twitter Bird are as follows:

Step 1: Open Expression Blend; select File -> New Project.

Select Silverlight 3 Application + Website and name the project "Twitter Bird".

After hitting OK, the new project will be created and the main page will be opened on the Art Board.

Step 2: Draw a circle using the Ellipse Tool from the Toolbox located on the left side of the Blend Workspace.

Manage Width & Height accordingly.

Choose the color from the Color Palette by selecting the Fill Option located on the right side of the Blend Workspace.

Fill using the Pink Color. Apply a Stroke Thickness of 2% from the Stroke Options located at the top of the right-side Property Panel.


Step 3: Draw Eyes

Draw another circle the using Ellipse Tool and fill using the White Color and manage the Width & Height accordingly and name it as Left Eye.

Copy the Left Eye and Paste it onto the right and name it Right Eye.



Step 4: Draw Retina

Again using the Ellipse Tool, draw a circle and fill it with the Black Color and name it as Left Retina.

Copy the Left Retina and Paste it to the Right and name it as Right Retina.



Step 5: Draw Nose

Again using the Ellipse Tool, draw a Circle and fill it with the White Color.

Using the Convert to Path Option which is located in Object -> path -> Convert to Path give an approriate shape to the nose.


Step 6: Draw Wings

To give shape to the wings, draw a circle using the Ellipse Tool using the Convert to Path option from the Object Menu.

Fill using the Pink Color using the Color Palette from the Property Panel.

In this manner like this you can draw more than one wing as appopriate as shown below and name them Left Wings.


Copy the wings and paste them to right side and name them Right Wings.


So Twitter is here:



With the help of this tutorial you can play with the Tools of Expression Blend and can create funny images.