Crop an Object Using Subtract Option & Use Drop Shadow Effects

Steps to work with Subtract and use Drop Shadow Effects in Expression Blend 4

Step 1: Open Expression Blend: A dialog box appears -> select Silverlight Application + Website and hit OK. A Blank Page is shown with a white background called Art board.


Step 2: Select the Ellipse Tool from the Tool Box located at the left side of the Workspace


Draw a Circle


Note: When we Draw a Circle look at the Object and the Timeline Window -> Layout.

Then, we will add two Ellipses (Circles) in the XAML page, one on top of the other but in a little different location.


Note: When we draw another Circle look at the Object and Timeline Window -> Layout.

Step 3: Crop Circles -> than select both the Circles using the CTRL Key by directly clicking Layout or Art board.


Note: There is a gap between the Circles.

Then Go to Object -> Combine -> Subtract as shown below. We will subtract the 2nd circle from the first one.


Note: See the Object and Timeline window, both Circles have merged and the Ellipse name has changed into Path as shown below:


After subtraction have a look:


Step 4: Select the Circle using Selection Tool located at the top-left of the Tool Box. Rotate it as shown. Using the Property Panel select the Fill Option located at the top and Fill White Color in the background.Then apply Stroke using the Red Color as shown below:



Step 5: Drop Shadow: Select Property Panel -> Effects -> New -> DropShadowEffect: a dialog box appears. Manage Radius, Shadow Depth, Stroke Thickness, Blur Radius as shown below:



Note: A Black Color Shadow appears.


Here's the Final Image



The purpose of this article is to share knowledge about cropping and applying Shadow Effects using the Tool Box and various Properties from the Property Panel.