How to Design Email-Box Using Expression Blend 4

Step 1 : Open Expression Blend 4 -> select Silverlight Application + Web -> change Name and Location accordingly -> hit OK, a Blank Window appears on the ArtBoard, fill the background with Gradient Brush.

Step 2 : Select Triangle Shape from Assets located to the Left Side of WorkSpace.

Step 3 : Draw Triangle and place it to the Bottom on the ArtBoard, manage the height and width, color using Gradient Brush, manage the shape of the triangle using the Convert to Path Option of the Object Tool as shown below:



Note : Here, we can manage the Name of the shapes in the Objects and Timeline window as shown below:


Step 4: Again by selecting the Triangle Shape or by using the copy and paste option or by holding down the "Alt" Key and by selecting Triangle, draw 3-more Triangles and place it at the Top, Left and Right on the ArtBoard as shown below:




Step 5 : Again using the copy and paste, draw another Triangle, by using DropShadowEffect Option of Appearance Property from Property Panel apply Shadow to the Triangle so that it looks like an Opening Envelope, manage the Color, Stroke and StrokeThickness as shown below:



Step 6 : Select TextBlock Control from assets from the LeftSide of the Workspace and write Email-Box to the Bottom of the Mail-Box as shown below:



This article helps you to design an Email-Box.