Customized SettingsFlyout in Windows 8.1 Store Apps

For a beautiful and attractive UI, customized SettingsFlyout is a good option. So the following is the procedure to use for that.

Open Visual Studio 2013 and create a new blank project and name it Customized SettingsFlyout.

blank app

In the MainPage.xaml, add an image to the grid.


Then add a settings flyout and name it "Change background".

add new item

settings flyout

Then add two photos in a border in ChangeBackground.xaml.


Then add this code to ChangeBackground.xaml.cs.

code to ChangeBackground

Now in MainPage.xaml.cs add this code to the OnNavigatedTo() method.

MainPage xml

Now in App.xaml.cs add this code.


Now you have a customized settings flyout :)

Read the article at: TechNet Article.

Happy coding :)

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