Creating a Table Checkpoint in QTP Tool in Testing

In this article I discuss how to create a Table Checkpoint in the QTP Tool

You can add a table checkpoint while recording or editing your test. To add a table checkpoint, you use the Table Checkpoint Properties dialog box.


To add a table checkpoint while recording:

  1. Choose Insert > Checkpoint > Standard Checkpoint or click the Insert Checkpoint button. The Quick Test window is minimized and the mouse pointer turns into a pointing hand.


  2. Click the table you want to check. The Object selection - Checkpoint Properties dialog box opens.

    chk point prop dil bx.jpg

  3. Select a table item from the displayed object tree.
  4. Click OK. The Table Checkpoint Properties dialog box opens.


  5. In the table checkpoint properties dialog box specify the settings for the checkpoint.
  6. Click OK to close the dialog box. A checkpoint statement is added for the selected object in the Keyword view and Expert View.