Data Table Parameters in QTP in Testing

Data Table parameters are used to create a data-driven test or action that runs many times using the data you supply. In each repetition, Quick Test uses a different value from the Data Table.

For example consider the Mercury Tours sample web site which enables you to book flight requests.


To book a flight, you supply the flight information and click on the Continue button. The site shows the available flights for the requested booking.


First you should record your actions that access the mtours web site and check for the available flights.


Then you parameterize the selected booking location using a Data Table parameter and you can add your own sets of data to the data sheet of the Data Table.


A new column is added into the Data Table in QTP when you create a new Data Table parameter and in the first row the current value is placed after the parameter. If you parameterize a value in QTP and select a current Data Table parameter then the value present in the column after the parametrized value is not overwritten by the current value of the parameter in the tool.


Every column in the data table represents the list of values for a single data table parameter after parametrization of the values in QTP.


Every row in the table shows a set of values that QTP adds for all the parameters during a single run of the test. When you run your test, Quick Test runs one iteration of the test for each row of data in the table.

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