Deleting Users, Groups/Roles From a Permission Scheme in JIRA Tool in Testing

Deleting Users, Groups or Roles from a Permission Scheme

In a JIRA tool an admin user can assign or create various users and groups to a project. This tool gives the user flexibility to choose the user associated with a particular user. Only an admin user can create Users and Groups/Roles in this tool. To delete a particular user from a project we have to login through the admin account. The following is the procedure to delete a user and group/role from JIRA tool.

  1. To delete Users, Groups/Roles from Jira, login from Admin account.


  2. Select "Administration" > "Issues" > "Permission Schemes". It will display the "Permission Schemes" page.


  3. Click on the Permissions link under the Operations tab. It will display the Edit Permissions page. On this page we can edit the permissions for the specific project. We can add user through this. After clicking on the permissions link it will display the users that are associated with that selected project.


  4. Click on the "Delete" link in the "Users, Groups, Project Roles" column. It should display the delete permission page.


  5.  On clicking on the delete button it will ask for the confirmation to delete that user. Click on the Delete button. That user will be deleted from the project.