How to Record QTP Script in QTP Tool in Testing

In QTP while recording it generates a VBScript. The steps are as follows:

  • Launch the Quick Test Professional. It will display the Start page of Quick Test, as in:


  • Click on the Test Tab. QTP displays the Expert View and Keyword View.


  • Click on the Record button to generate a QTP Script.Record and Run Settings box display. Select "Record and run test on any open browser/Windows based application" for web and Windows application category. QTP is in now in the recording mode.


  • There is a sample application given by the QTP i.e. FLIGHT APPLICATION. Select that application. It displays a Login window. Enter any name in the Agent name text box and the Password as "Mercury" (the default password).


  • Now enter the Flight Details and Insert Order and close the application.


  • A VBScript is generated by the application in Expert View.