Testing Process in Load Runner in Testing

Load Runner is a performance testing tool which is used to test the load on an application. In the load basically there are three application processes; the Controller, Load Generators and Load Analyzers.


In the Load Runner testing process we can easily create and run load-test scenarios as mentioned below.

Planning the Test

The load testing requires developing a thorough test plan. A clearly defined test plan will ensure that the Load Runner scenarios that we are developing will successfully satisfy our load testing objectives.

Creating the Vuser Scripts

In Vusers scripting it captures the events for the Web-based application. A Vuser script contains the actions that the user performs the action during the test execution.
In VUser scripting it is performed by each Vuser.
It can be performed by multiple Vusers.
It can measure as much transactions.


Creating the Scenario

A scenario captures the events that are perform during the run session of a test. Using the Load Runner Controller we create a number of scenarios. Basically a scenario includes a list of scripts that the Vusers run during the scenario.
Creating a Manual Scenario
We can create the scenario by mentioning Vuser groups to Vuser scripts and load generators to run the scripts.

LR- Steps.jpg

Running the Scenario

We can create the load on the application by running multiple VUsers scenario at a single time. In this we can set the level of load by increasing and decreasing the number of Vusers.
Before we can run a scenario and also set the scenario configuration and scheduling. It determines that how the load generators and Vusers behave when we run the scenario.

Monitoring a Scenario

In load runner we can monitor scenario execution by online run-time, transaction, web resource, web server resources, web application resource, database resource, network delay.

Analyzing Test Results

For analyzing the test results, Load Runner records the performance of the application under various loads during the scenario execution. We can view the Load Runner's graphs and reports to analyze the application's performance.