Measuring Transactions in the Synchronization Under QTP Tool in the Testing

You can measure how long it takes to run a section of your test by defining transactions. A transaction represents a process in your application that you are interested in measuring.


You define transactions within your test by enclosing the appropriate sections of the test with start and end transaction statements. For example, you can define a transaction that measures how long it takes to reserve a seat on a flight and for the confirmation to be displayed on the client's terminal.

A transaction can be inserted anywhere in your test, but must start and end within the same action.

During the test run, the Start Transaction signals the beginning of the time measurement.


The time measurement continues until the End Transaction is encountered. The test report displays the time it took to perform the transaction.


There is no limit to the number of transactions that can be added to a test. You can also insert a transaction within a transaction.

Part of a sample test with a transaction is shown below, as it is displayed in the Keyword View:


The same part of the test is displayed in the Expert View as follows: