Parameterizing Values For Operations in QTP in Testing

If the method or function used in the step has arguments, you can parameterize the argument values as required. For example, if the operation uses the Click method, you can parameterize the values for the x argument, the y argument or both.


When you select a paramet
erized value in the Keyword View, the icon for the parameter type is displayed. You can parameterize operation values using the parameterization icon in the value column of the Keyword view.

To parameterize a value for an operation using the parameterization icon:

  1. Insert the checkpoint properties by choosing Edit > Step Properties > Checkpoint Properties and record a full instance.


  2. Then in the Expert View, click in the value column of the required step.


  3. Click the parametrization icon for the value that you want to parametrize. The Value configuration options dialog box opens, showing the currently defined value.


  4. Select Parameter. If the value is already parametrized then the Parameter section displays the current parameter definition for the value. If the value is not yet parametrized, the Parameter section displays the default parameter definition for the value.


  5. Accept or change the parameter definition.