Recovery Operation Screen in QTP in Testing

You can select the Recovery Scenario wizard through the link Resources > Recovery Scenario Manager.


The Recovery Scenario Manager dialog box gives us the ability to create and edit recovery files and also create and manage recovery scenarios. This dialog box displays the name of the currently open recovery file.

The recovery scenario operations screen enables you to manage the collection of recovery operations in the recovery scenario. Recovery operations are operations that Quick Test performs sequentially when it recognizes the trigger event.


You must define at least one recovery operation to define a recovery operation and add it to the recovery operations list, click next to continue to the recovery operation screen.


If you define two or more recovery operations you can select a recovery operation and use the Move Up or Move Down buttons to change the order in which quick test performs the recovery operations. You can also select a recovery operation and click the remove button to delete a recovery operation from the recovery scenario.


After you have defined at least one recovery operation, add another recovery operation check box is displayed.


Select the check box and click next to define another recovery operation. Clear the check box and click next to continue to the post recovery test run options screen.