To Add a Custom Field in JIRA Tool in Testing

In JIRA Tool we can Add a Custom Field depending on our project's requirements. We can also edit and delete these custom fields. To add a custom field we must use the following procedure.

  1. To add a custom field in JIRA we have to login through an admin account. Enter the username and password of an admin user.


  2. Select Administration > Issues > Fields. It will display the Custom Fields page.


  3. Click on the Add Custom Field button on the right side of the page. It will display the Create Custom Field: Choose the field type (Step 1 of 2) page.


  4. Select the field type on the page and click on the next button. It should display the page Create Custom Field - Details (Step 2 of 2).


  5. Provide the Field Name and Field Description. Select a Search Template if available.


  6. Select the number of "Issue Types" to which this custom field will be available and select the applicable context; it is the Projects for which the custom field will be available. We can choose the Global Context section for all the available projects.


  7. Click the "Finish" button. It will display the screen association page.


  8. Select a screen tab on which we can display our newly created custom field. In this tool we can associate a field with a screen before it will be displayed.
  9. Click the "Update" button. It will display the View Custom Fields page. On this page it displays a summary of all custom fields in JIRA Tool. We can edit, delete or configure custom fields here.