Add checkpoint while editing a test or component using QTP

Add a Text checkpoint while editing a test or component in QTP

  1. Launch the Quick Test Professional Click on Record button to generate a QTP Script. Record and Run Settings box display. Select "Record and run test on any open browser/Windows based application" for web and Windows application category.

  2. There is sample application given by the QTP i.e. FLIGHT APPLICATION. Enter the Flight details,Insert order and close the application.

  3. VB script is generated by the application in Expert View.


  4. Now add a text checkpoint while editing this test. Make sure the Active Screen Button is selected. Select it from View < Active Screen


  5. Click the step where you want to add a check point. The Active Screen displays the page or screen corresponding to the highlighted step.


  6. Highlight a text string on the active Screen.

  7. Right click the text string and Choose Insert Text Checkpoint.


  8. The Text checkpoint properties dialog box opens


  9. Specify the settings for the checkpoint


  10. Click OK to close the dialog box. A checkpoint statement is added the selected object in the Keyword View and Expert View.